About Us

Do you really trust a money manager or bank to care for your portfolio? With IndexTrader you are in the driving seat. Training and assisting you to monitor your assets and make profitable trades; the simplicity of this software takes the guess work out of Futures Trading. It enables anybody, to trade every day, with confidence and reliability.

Company History

Founded in 2008, the company has grown from earliest beginnings as a sharemarket software and technology company. Recognising the importance but handicapped by the complexity of trading tools available on the market at the time, the Company commissioned a team of in-house programmers and educators to create a basket of trading tools which gives the power of investment back to the individual, in its most simple form.

Supported with educational tools and training, the Company is revolutionising the way people trade futures index markets. With the development of IndexTrader software, the Company offers each of its individual clients the opportunity to participate in the market with confidence, reliability, and certainty.


FACT: Over 40% of all trades are now executed using automated strategies.

With little doubt that this trend will continue to increase, the IndexTrader fully automated technology seeks to derive profit from intra-day trading volume and market volatility from global futures index markets. Delivered to the customer in the form of a secure Desktop application, and coupled with educational materials, the IndexTrader has been developed for speed, reliability and simplicity of use.

With a universal requirement from customers to gain a competitive edge, IndexTrader technology has fully automated the trading process, allowing near zero latency execution, full post-order management and greater risk control, allowing every customer the fastest and most flexible platform at an affordable cost.

Supporting trading through Interactive Brokers, the industry’s premier direct access trading platform, IndexTrader was built for the sole purpose of allowing every day individuals the opportunity to educate themselves and potentially generate income producing returns in global futures index markets from the comfort of their home.

Formulated to cater for the most aggressive (or conservative) of traders, the IndexTrader application offers (potential) customers an income producing alternative to broad-based equities and foreign exchange markets. In addition and critical to strategy development the IndexTrader Back-Test application has also been developed to enable the opportunity to replicate real world scenarios without the added risks of live trading.

We invite you to join the many traders around the world, already accumulating wealth with our innovative software.

Futures Index Trading Pty Ltd (ACN 133 040 301) was formally known as International Futures Trading Pty Ltd.