Charting is one of the most important aspects of trading software with pricing and volume movements critical to determining your next trade. Selected IndexTrader software integrates real time charting and data streaming with fully customisable trendlines, colours, chart types, overlay plus more to cater for the most basic to advanced chart analyst.

User Flexibility

Using multi time frame analysis, IndexTrader technology charts tick, volume, price change, intraday, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly time resolutions. Integrating bar, line, point and candlestick chart types.

IndexTrader charting technology is a java-based desktop application allowing users to create their own alerts, indicators and systems with end- user access to globally modify colours and properties for charts including print, pan & zoom both the price and time scales.

Drawing Tools

Designed for user flexibility, IndexTrader software charting supports technical studies with user-changeable and programmable parameters plus a broad range of intelligent drawing tools such as trends, support and resistance, gaps, pivots, triangles, and other price patterns including Fibonacci Retracements | Fibonacci Fans | Fibonacci Extension | Fibonacci Time Zones | Fibonacci Circles | Gann Fan | Gann Grid | Gann Cardinal Squares | Trends and Horizontal lines | Rectangles and Triangles | Custom Elliot Wave | Text notes | Arrows | Ellipses.

Data Management

For superior charting and trading outcomes, the IndexTraderAdvanced software supports electronic pricing data from more than 180 exchanges globally featuring real-time data feeds, end-of-day data streaming including data management and collection.

  • Integrated Trading:Interactive Brokers
  • Real Time Data:Interactive Brokers | eSignal | IQ Feed
  • End-of-Day Data: Yahoo Finance | MSN

MetaStock and ASCII Databases: With IndexTrader Advanced Data Manager you can import your MetaStock and/or ASCII intraday databases.