IndexTrader software series provides everyday traders with the capability to either semi or fully automate and generate real time trading profits from even the most straight forward or complex of trading strategies. Developed for simplicity, the IndexTrader seeks to generate reliable returns which outperform industry averages using unique trading strategies or leading indicators.

Advanced Execution Algorithms

Advanced execution algorithms that activate simultaneously with your strategy approach and maintain synchronisation between your trading strategies means reduced slippage and trading costs when you use the IndexTrader series.

Featuring unlimited combinations of expert automated strategies and featured industry technical indicators, the IndexTrader software series provides leading edge strategy builder technology facilitating either single or multi-legged trading strategies.

Real-Time Automation Risk Control

The IndexTrader software has been developed specifically for speed, reliability and ease of use.

By fully automating order execution prices, IndexTrader software allows you to select and combine execution algorithms and expert technical indicators to create an unlimited number of hybrid execution strategies.

The IndexTrader software series is a strategy builder which includes single and multi-legged trading functionality including:

Market Search & Scan | Expiry Search & Selection | Start & Stop Times | Long & Short Position Strategies | Quantity | Automated Stop Loss | Automated Profit Target | Trailing (or sliding) Stop Loss | Volume Market Offset | Price Market Offset | Manual Exit Over-ride | Order Types | Trigger Methods | Time in Force Orders | Touch Triggers | Tandem Studies | Noise Removal Tools | Trade Alert Builder | Single & Multi Legged Trading | Patterns | Direct Trade Execution | Symbol Lookup | Point & Click Money Management Editor.

Your Future is with IndexTrader

With IndexTrader there is no requirement for time consuming and costly programming or coding. The IndexTrader software series allows customers to quickly develop and implement new strategies and take advantage of trading opportunities – while the opportunities are still available.