The IndexTrader Advanced Market Scanner is ideal for monitoring, researching and organising unique trading symbols and markets, displaying streaming quotes on a per-second or user defined basis. The Market Scanner gives users the opportunity to search and identify market trading possibilities. IndexTrader Advanced Market Scanner is a powerful, flexible, multi-purpose market scanner that will keep you on top of your trading opportunities either as a add-on or as a stand-alone application.

Track your Opportunities

The IndexTrader Advanced Market Scanner offers unlimited scanning possibilities so that you can identify more potential trading opportunities and locate your potential money making opportunities quickly.  The library of built-in scans, such as MACD, MA Crossover, Stochastic, Price, Bollinger Bands, and many more allow multi-symbol scanning and analysing program which gives you the ability to locate money-making opportunities.

Alerts that keep you Informed

IndexTrader Advanced Alert Builder systems provide a real-time market alert and analysis service delivering information alerts in real time. Alerts can be customised in content and format and are deliverable to your email or desktop when trading opportunities present.

To-The-Minute News

Powered by one of the oldest and most trusted names in financial markets, Reuters is a leading provider of international news covering business, politics, entertainment and technology.

IndexTrader Advanced facilitates to-the-minute Reuters market news to all of our clients free of charge providing a useful tool for trading purposes.