Powerful, flexible and easy to use, IndexTrader Advanced charts and studies combine with real time and historical market data to provide active traders with valuable and money making insight into market activity.

Customised Strategy Builder

IndexTraderAdvanced is a full automated and customised strategy builder with hundreds of combinations of pre-built studies for an in-depth market analysis, covering the most popular trading concepts. This comprehensive library includes traditional as well as state-of-the-art trading strategies. The IndexTraderAdvanced strategy builder is a wizard for building day-trading manual start strategies by bundling exit and entry styles and for customizing strategy parameters.

Automated Entry and Exit

Automated strategies based on intra-day and long term technical indicators, price patterns as well as Entry Styles and Exit styles gives you unlimited opportunity to profit. IndexTrader Advanced allows you to personalise your automated strategies with single and multi-legged intra-day trading.

Strategy Library

  • Moving Averages: Exponential Moving Average | Simple moving average | Triangular Moving Average | Weighted Moving Average | Triple Exponential Average
  • Price Adjustment: Price High | Price Low | Price Range | Price Range Midpoint | Weighted Close | True High | True Low | True Range | Median Price
  • Volatility Indicators: Average True Range | Lower Bollinger Band | Upper Bollinger Band | Bollinger Band Width (High-Low) | Bollinger Band %B (Middle Line) | Envelope | Statistical volatility | Standard Deviation | Volatility
  • Momentum Indicators: Acceleration Indicator | Commodity Channel Index | Detrend Price Oscillator | Stochastic %D | Stochastic %K | Stochastic Slow %D | Stochastic Slow %K | Momentum Indicator | PercentR | Rate of Change | Relative Strength Indicator | Swing Index indicator | Ultimate Oscillator | Velocity (slope) | Williams’ Accumulation/Distribution
  • Trend Indicators: ADX Indicator | ADX Classic | ADXR (signal line) | Correlation | DMI Minus | DMI Plus | Linear Regression Line | Moving Average Convergence Divergence | R-squared | Time Series Forecast | Directional Movement Index | Elliott Wave Indicator | Linear Regression Slope | Parabolic SAR
  • Market Strength Indicators: Accumulation/Distribution | Chaikin Oscillator | Ease of Movement | MFI indicator | Money Flow | On Balance Volume | Price Volume Trend | Volume Average indicator | Volume Oscillator indicator | Volume ROC indicator | Price Oscillator

TraderX Code

Developed and implemented exclusively to IndexTrader technologies, TraderX Code is a special programming language for traders allowing each client a variety of opportunities to implement unique trading ideas such as designing a trading system or improving an existing study or indicator. Requiring no programming experiance required, TraderX Code allows a trader to create analysis techniques that can help make a profitable trading decisions.

With TraderX Code you can create: Trading system rules (using the Strategy Builder capability) | Inputs for Neural Models | Indicators (using the Indicator Builder capability) | Custom Functions | Alerts (using the Alert Builder capability) | Studies (using the Study Builder capability) | Custom scans (using MarketScan scanner).