Automated trading should be simple, reliable and profitable. Our flexible, customizable and user-friendly software helps you to trade from home with ease.

Real Time Quotes, Trading & Order Management

Regardless of which market you want to trade, what level of trader you are or you’re trading availability, the IndexTrader software series provides you with the execution tools, charting and indicators to build a trading strategy which allows every day people to make reliable returns, more often.

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The IndexTrader professional support team are on hand to answer your technical questions and act as your own personal trading resource. Call our Support Line and speak with one of our knowledgeable team or utilise the chat function on our website for technical assistance.

IndexTrader Education & Help

Learn the basics you need to know to get started in the futures, forex and equities markets from our free educational e-Books: “The Fundamentals of Futures Trading”, “The Fundamentals of Forex Trading” and “The Fundamentals of Trading Stocks” when you purchase from our IndexTrader software series. These essential step-by-step training tools will assist you in beginning your journey to successful trading.

Our IndexTrader HelpGuides are comprehensive and interactive and will show you the requirements to getting started with our strategy building software and realising your trading goals.