Introduction to IndexTrader Advanced

An introduction to IndexTrader Advanced capabilities and functionality.

Training Video 1: Interface and Workspaces

Introduction to IndexTrader Advanced platform workspace and interfaces. Learn to open a new chart using the IndexTrader Advanced Data Manager, add and use drawing tools and how to add technical indicators to the chart. Introduction to the strategy builder and simulation manager, money management and strategy optimisation functions.

Training Video 2: Charts and Drawing Tools

Introduction to IndexTrader Advanced platform charts and drawing tools. Learn how to add a New Chart and manage sub-charts effectively including inter-changeable functions including chart types, bar spacing and chart periodicity. Introduction to drawing tools including Andrews Pitchforks, Fibonacci and Gann studies.

Training Video 3: Analytical Studies and Technical Indicators

Introduction to IndexTrader Advanced analytical studies and technical indicators. Learn how to add analytical studies such as Auto Trends, Pivots and Single Bar Patterns to a chart, as well as single day patterns such as runaway and thrust days. Introduction to technical analysis capabilities including adding one of up to 80 of the most popular technical indicators to a chart. plus Custom Indicator builder functionality.

Training Video 4: Trading Strategies

Introduction to IndexTrader Advanced Strategy Builder and more than 100 predefined technical indicators, models and strategies. Learn how to refine custom and optimize trading strategies and simulate back-testing results.

Training Video 5: Money Management

Introduction to IndexTrader Advanced Money Management editor. Learn to protect your capital using popular money management techniques including Optimal F, Kelly, Fixed Fractional Trades and Williams formulas. Or used the popular point-and-click money management editor to set position size, stop loss, profit targets, minimum lot size and margins requirements.

Training Video 6: Using Yahoo Data

Learn how to add and use free end-of-day data using Yahoo Finance as a data source for IndexTrader Advanced charting and technical analysis.

Training Video 7: Using MSN Data

Learn how to add and use free end-of-day data using MSN Money as a data source for IndexTrader Advanced charting and technical analysis.

Training Video 8: Using Interactive Brokers Data

Lean how to use Interactive Brokers as your to-the-minute tick data source provider using IndexTrader Advanced. Use Interactive Brokers for charting and live trading.

Training Video 9: Automated Trading

Learn how to fully automate your trading strategies using IndexTrader Advanced using Interactive Brokers.

Training Video 10: Formulating a New Trading Strategy

Using IndexTrader Advanced’s TraderX Code Editor, learn how to easy formulate and code your new trading strategy. Use, copy or edit one of the 16 pre-loaded and most common trading strategies. No prior networking or programming experience is required.

Training Video 11: Using the Market Scanner

Learn how to use the IndexTrader Advanced Market Scan function to scan global markets for trading opportunities. Use built-in searches or build your own using TraderX Code Editor.

Advanced Training Video 12: Creating Neural Models

Using IndexTrader Advanced and neural networks, learn how to analyse current market interdependencies to predict futures price movements. Using the New Model wizard, lookahead parameters and walk forward testing, IndexTrader Advanced will help you create your predictive model based strategy with a single click.

Advanced Training Video 13: Strategy Optimization

Using the Strategy Optimisation wizard, learn how to optimise your trading strategy for profitable trading results. Select to optimise your algorithm or generic trading strategy based on up to 21 predefined criteria.