Why Index Trader?

Divorce The Money Manager & Take Control

The IndexTrader series of fully automated trading software has been developed for speed, reliability and ease of use. There is no requirement for additional time consuming and costly programming or coding. IndexTrader software allows individuals to quickly develop and implement new strategies and take advantage of trading opportunities – while the opportunities are still available. With the advent of IndexTraders’s automated trading software, near zero latency execution, full post-order management and greater risk control are now accessible to all, giving every day customers the fastest and most flexible platform at an affordable cost.

IndexTrader: Next Generation in Automated Trading

The IndexTrader seeks to derive profit from intra-day trading volume and market volatility from global futures, forex or equities markets, irrespective of current market conditions. Delivered to the customer in the form of a secure desktop application, the IndexTrader software is founded on the principle to capitalise and maximise on the tick values of individual global futures, forex or equities markets (full contract and mini markets) and offer (potential) customers an income producing alternative to industry norms.

Strategy Building Capabilities

Are you not happy with the industry defined trading strategies? Do you have a trading strategy in mind that you think can outperform industry averages? The IndexTrader series of trading software offers all of our traders, from beginner to intermediate to advanced the capabilities to develop their own strategy, on their own market and both simulate and back-test their results. No programming capabilities are required.

Paving Your Way To Financial Freedom

Over 40% of all trades are now executed using automated strategies. The IndexTrader series of fully automated trading software enables fast, up-to-date information and order processing offering reliability and trading predictability. For you, this technology means reduced slippage and trading costs and gives you the ability to implement strict risk management strategies, real-time exposures and activity.

Why IndexTrader ?

  • Emotion free trading – it is a well known fact that traders are frequently influenced by emotions such as fear and excitement, which may cause them to stray away from their original trading plan;
  • Accuracy of execution – the computer is not affected by fatigue or other human vulnerabilities which may cause mistakes such as pressing the wrong button;
  • High speed execution – a computer can monitor and react much faster than a human trader;
  • Hands-free fully automated execution – once the trading strategy is operating, the trader (subscriber) does not have to be tied-up to the computer. The server is the one handling the strategy management and execution;
  • Strategy enhanced decision-making – trading strategies can quickly and easily handle complicated calculations required for decision making processes, whereas a human trader may encounter difficulties;
  • Ultra-fast market analysis – market scan technology allows traders (subscribers) to automatically analyse markets for pre-defined parameters, saving time and money making opportunities;
  • Backtesting capabilities – test your past performance for technical and fundamental strategy optimization.

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